2018 - Renamed to Ohio Beverage Association

Stated purpose of group: “OhioBev believes in protecting and advancing the non-alcoholic beverage industry in Ohio through collaboration and education with our members, legislators and community partners.” We changed our name to better reflect the diverse portfolio of non-alcoholic beverages our members provide consumers. The tradition of integrity forged in 1914 also remains. Although mission statements change with the times, OhioBev proudly maintains core values and goals from every era.

1970–2018 - Headquarters Remain in Columbus, Ohio

Stated purpose of group: “To promote in a lawful and legal manner the development, preservation, operation, maintenance, and general welfare of the soft drink industry of the State of Ohio. To foster a spirit of good will among those persons and firms engaged in the soft drink industry, to promote ethical practices in their relationships with each other, their employees, associates, and the general public, to the end that all interests may be served fairly…”

1948 - Relocated to Columbus, Ohio

State purpose of group: “(t)o promote and to protect the interests of its members, to cultivate friendship, good-will and business cooperation among its members; to promote the sale and consumption of their products; and to standardize, as much as possible, the methods and efforts in the carbonated beverage industry, and generally to raise the standard of the bottled carbonated beverage industry in Ohio…”

1914 - Formation of Ohio Bottlers' Association

Stated purpose of the group: “Collecting and circulating valuable information relating to bottled soda water, artificial and natural mineral waters, beer, ale, etc., and allied products, and protecting the property and effects of all persons engaged in the above stated business, and maintaining the standard of purity and sanitary conditions surrounding the preparation and manufacture of said goods, and generally to promote and maintain the general welfare and interests of all members of this Association who are engaged in the above said businesses and to do allthings incident and necessary thereto.”